The Source-group is active on the world market as a trading company for some years now.

Due to our global network of customers and suppliers we are capable to respond quickly and sufficiently to market changes. Furthermore, we do our everything in our power to fulfil the requirements as well as the desires of our customers and suppliers all the time.

The core business in trade of our company are:
- Frozen meat products (pork and beef);
- Frozen poultry products (chicken, turkey, etc. );
- Frozen fish;
- Vegetables and fruit.

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Next to this we have established a reputation on tailor made high quality meat products and personal service. From our production facility in Romania, we are able to deliver you a range of various specialized consumer products. For more information, you can contact us at info@sourcefood.com

We work together with an international network of renowned and qualified suppliers, providing you with the best product possible at the right price.

We are renowned for giving the right service towards our customers and suppliers. Structural long-term relationships is one of our keywords.

But we are also known for:
- our reliability;
- continuous activity in the market;
- payments in accordance agreements;
- knowledge of markets as well as products;
- Prices conform market level;
- advice regarding market development (diseases, foreign exchange, production,
overcapacity; and shortages);
- traceability.

Our young and dynamic team has all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to approach all markets professionally.

Our sales department consist of various nationalities with knowledge of various languages. This offers our clients and distributors the opportunity to be able to speak their native tongue. This way we can do business at all levels without being obstructed by cultural differences. Next to this all of our employees in sales are highly experienced in the field and have excellent knowledge of our products, the materials as well as the daily fluctuating markets. We know our products, we know our distributors and we know our customers, but most off all we know ourselves. These qualities in combination with our buying power and experience means we are always able to offer competitive trade prices for quality products.

Our balanced distribution system and our optimised financing system allows us to trade goods at a very competitive level.

Our logistics department, with qualified and experienced employees, supplies all goods, everywhere in the world against market related logistics prices including the necessary documentation. The documentation can be different from country to country. Because we also use partners that have proved to be reliable in this field, we are able to deliver you your products in a swift and orderly manner in accordance with local and international rules and regulations and in accordance with the details agreed upon.